Speech and Language Evaluations:


A speech and language evaluation is a measurement of a child’s communications skills.  During the evaluation the Speech Pathologist will determine a child’s communication strengths and weaknesses.  This is done through behavioral observations, parent report, background information, formal assessments and often times, school information. Once all of this information is collected the Speech Pathologist determines if a speech and/or language problem is present.

Initial Consultations:


Speech Doc provides initial consultations providing information about speech and language services, the special education process and resources for parents and schools.

Training and Development:

Speech Doc shares and presents information with staff regarding best practices in special education instruction, state and federal requirements regarding services for students with special needs and disabilities, Section 504 and other support-related programs.  We also coordinate and conduct professional development activities for staff working with students with special needs and disabilities.


Speech Doc also hosts parent trainings to aid parents with information, resources and opportunities to network with other parents as they learn to navigate the special education process.